American Tap is an international documentary film sensation. Already translated to five languages since its debut as the Opening Night Film at the world oldest and most prestigious dance film festival The Dance on Camera Festival produced with the Lincoln Center Film Society.

With a cast list that is practically a Who’s Who in American Tap Dance, it has been deemed a must see by The Hollywood Reporter and dance fans everywhere.

As we dig into the heritage of American tap dancing, we discover that elements of our history which have the potential to tear us apart – the stigma of slavery and the friction caused by immigration – are the same forces which bind us together and fuel our dynamic society.

This shared experience is the cultural fire that forged the art form of tap dancing.

Mark Wilkinson
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Annunziata Gianzero
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Jaime Arze
Michela Marino Lerman
Associate Producer
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Elka Samuels Smith
Associate Producer
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Rayne Marcus
Associate Producer
Essential viewing for dance buffs and fans of musical theater...wonderfully entertaining...
The Hollywood Reporter
This is it... the definitive history of tap dance.
Zachary Hines
I have never seen such a collection of amazing tap dance footage... some of which I didn't even know existed. Amazing. This film sets the new standard.
Constance Valis Hill

Starring Tap Dancers, Scholars, Jazz Musicians, Celebrities and Luminaries with the greatest collection of historical tap dance footage ever assembled:

Debbie Allen, Dulé Hill, Cornel West, Jonathan Batiste, Maurice Hines, Michela Marino Lerman, Melinda Sullivan, Ayodele Casel, Sarah Reich, Dianne Walker, Joseph Wiggan, Nicholas van Young, Constance Valis Hill, Theo Hill, Cartier Williams, Mark Knowles, Brenda Bufalino, Brian Seibert, Frances Bradley, Alexandria Bradley, Michelle Dorrance, Baakari Wilder, Michael Mwenso and with Motion Capture Performer Jason Samuels Smith