American Tap

American Tap

The definitive film documentary about the very American history of tap dancing.

What's Been Going On

We've only just begun, but we've been screening at some prestigious venues...
August 6, 2020

American Tap Trailer

August 1, 2019

Join us for the LA Premiere!

August 25ht at 5:30 PM at the beautiful Skirball Center with Special Guests Jason Samuel Smith and Ayodele Casel! Link to tix:

February 19, 2019

Audience Award Winner!

October 23, 2018

West Coast Premiere

At the San Francisco Dance on Film Festival – Packed House with a live performance by Michela Marino Lerman and Ricky Huang!!

October 22, 2018

World Premiere at Lincoln Center

Selected as the Opening Night Film at the Lincoln Center Dance on Camera Festival!

What people are saying about American Tap

Maurice Hines

It's a remarkable movie. Remarkable.

Maurice Hines -
Constance Valis Hill

It's an astonishing accomplishment. This film will be the visual, historical record.

Constance Valis Hill -
The Hollywood Reporter

This fascinating doc will get your toes tapping. Essential viewing for dance buffs and fans of musical theater...

The Hollywood Reporter -
Marah Gubar - Assoc. Prof. MIT

WOW! I just finished watching AMERICAN TAP and I am blown away!
What a wonderful, amazing gift you have given us all by making this carefully contextualized, beautifully researched, and artfully designed documentary. This is exactly the kind of documentary on tap I always wanted to have to show to students—it does so much of my work for me in terms of teaching them about the early history of tap. I love how you used animation to bring to life figures we can only dream about seeing perform, like Master Juba. Also, I learned a ton I didn’t know about more contemporary hoofers and choreographers and what’s happening with tap right now. I can’t wait to teach with this film when it’s available to buy for MIT’s collection.

Marah Gubar - Assoc. Prof. MIT -
Dianne Walker

Beautifully done! Comprehensive, visually stimulating and expressive.

Dianne Walker -

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Meet the team

A small but passionate group of filmmakers and tap dancers.
Mark Wilkinson
Mark Wilkinson
Annunziata Gianzero
Annunziata Gianzero
Jaime Arze
Jaime Arze
Elka Samuels Smith
Elka Samuels Smith
Michela Marino Lerman
Michela Marino Lerman